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[Fanfic] Obsession
Author: Me (Carmen)
Length: One-shot (1,875)
Genre: Smut

Rating: NC-17 (!!)
Disclaimer: I own only the plot.~
Pairings: Ohmiya
Summary: "Then I move down to your neck and I suck you, I wanted to make my mark. I wanted you to think of me every time you look at it. I wanted to let people know that I owned you and that you were mine."

“Oh-chan, it’s my turn for the interview. You have to get off me.” You said with an annoyed tone. I open my eyes and look at you. You’re looking over me with irritation written on your face. I blink a few times to get back to reality and I apologize but I don’t take my head off your lap. You groan and I grin. “Oh-chan, wake up a bit more would you?” he says. I sigh and get up and sit back into a normal position and watch you get up and out through the door.

                I look at the clock and it’s 6pm, so that means I won’t have another 2 hours till it’s my turn for the interview. I’m the only one left in the green room, since everyone already finished and I’m the last one after you. I close my eyes again to take another nap but I can’t stop thinking about you; as I always do.

                The feeling is like a slow growing tumor inside of me. It comes so slowly that it’s unbearable and it doesn’t go away. I don’t know what I have to do to suppress it, but everything I tried so far doesn’t work. Why do you make me feel like this Nino? It makes me feel like the bad guy. You drive me crazy with everything you do. If only you knew how much I think about you. I’m not sure if the feelings I have are love, it feels darker to me. I want you to think nothing but me.

                The imagination is a scary thing. If you could look into my thoughts you’d be disgusted at the thoughts I have about you. But if only you knew, how happy I would actually be.

                                I let you in my apartment and you come in happily. But you don’t know what I have in store for you yet. You take off your shoes and walk straight to the couch and plop down. You look a bit tired, but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I want to do. “Are you hungry or need anything?” I say, my voice getting a little shaky from the excitement growing in my chest. You don’t notice it and shake your head and say, “I’m just tired from work. So what did you want to see me for?” I grin and come closer. I sit down close to you. You smile and expect me to say something. But I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. Without asking or telling you, I lean closer to your face. You look at me with wide eyes and I have an amused grin on me. “Oh-chan?” You say. Your breath fans over my face and I’m getting even more impatient. So I go ahead with what I wanted you to come over for. I touch your thigh. And I’m slowly moving my hand up closer to the forbidden spot. Your hand stops mine and you’re starting to breathe heavily. “What are you doing?” You ask me with an incredulous tone. “What I’ve always wanted to do, Nino.” I say still close to his face. Neither of us move and for a second I’m scared he’ll run out of my apartment and never face me again. But his hand slowly moves away from mine and I grin. He’s accepting me, so I continue moving my hand up further. You’re getting flushed and I can see the bulge in your jeans. I graze over your spot ghostly and you let out a gasp. You bring your face closer and kiss me while wrapping your hands around my back and neck to bring me closer. We fall onto the couch with me on top of you. My hand is grazing over your spot again and again but only ghostly and you whimper every time I take my hand away. I push my tongue into your mouth and you let me in completely. I taste all of you and I swallow all of your moans. I remove your shirt and touch your nipples. It’s already hard and I flick the bud slightly making you whimper some more. I lift you up and your legs wrap around my waist and I walk to my room and lay down on the bed. I undo your zipper and take off your pants. Again I graze your spot ever so slightly and you buck your hips up wanting more. I laugh and you look at me with a glare. “Why are you so slow?” you gasp. “I want you to beg, Nino. I want you to beg for me.” I say. I put my hand into the waist of your boxers and slowly creep to your cock. I knew you were stubborn and that you wouldn’t give in so easily. I was looking forward to breaking down your defense and making you mewl under me. I wanted to make you go absolutely crazy for me. I take a nipple in my mouth and I’m sucking slowly but hard. I can feel you wriggle under me. I take one of my hands and play with the other bud while the other hand is making circles very close to your crotch. “Oh-chan, I --- I can’t take it anymore.” “Hmm?” I mumble since my mouth was busy. “Hurry – up.” Again you’re gasping and moaning. My ears are ringing from the beautiful sounds you’re making and I grin. “What? That’s not what I want to hear Nino-chan.” I say seductively .You groan but still don’t give in so I take it a step further knowing that this will definitely make you crack. I take off your boxers and your cock springs out. “My my, this looks painful Nino-chan.” I say. You glare at me, “Who do you think did that?” I claim your lips again and when we break apart we’re both gasping for air. But that doesn’t stop me, so I start kissing your chin. Then I move down to your neck and I suck you, I wanted to make my mark. I wanted you to think of me every time you look at it. I wanted to let people know that I owned you and that you were mine. Again I move down slowly and start kissing. I lick your nipple but that’s not my destination as I move even more down. I’m now at your bellybutton and I’m so close. Your hands move to touch me but I move it away. “It’s not fair, I’m naked and you’re fully clothed.” You whine. I get up and you whimper at the loss of contact. I quickly strip off my clothes and finally feeling my painful erection but I knew that I would take care of it soon. I continue kissing at the torso. I reach your area but I don’t put my mouth around it. I kiss around your cock and you’re wriggling and gasping and moaning. I look up and the look on your face makes me want to fuck you so hard but I know I have to be patient so I can satisfy my hunger. “Oh-chan, I can’t take it anymore. Just do it!” I stop what I’m doing and look at you. “Do what?” I say mischievously. You growl, “SUCK ME OFF. YOU’RE KILLING ME HERE.” I giggle and lick the tip of your cock. Your hands are painfully digging into my shoulder and I don’t care. I finally take all of you in. You’re moaning and trying to move your hips up but my hands are at your waist, stopping you from doing so. You whine but stop trying to move. I can feel your tip at the back of my throat and I hum. “Fuck, Oh-chan.” You gasp out. My tongue licks up your pre-cum at the tip and I like the taste of you. “Oh-chan, I’m – I’m so close!” I stop what I’m doing and you whimper. I finally take my neglected cock and tease your entrance. “Ah!” you say ever so sexily. And I can’t wait, I didn’t want to wait to prepare you so I just grab the lube from under the pillow and pour it over me. It’s cold but my heart is beating so fast at what I’m about to do to you. I lay down the lube and go back to teasing you. “Please—please.” You gasp. I feel elated that I had won. I go in excruciatingly slow and I love how tight you are. I know I had hit the last straw when you wrapped your legs around me so you could move closer. I give up the game and I slam into you again and again; loving the sounds that are coming out of your mouth. I grab your cock and pump it at the same rhythm I’m pushing into you. I can feel myself getting closer to the edge but I didn’t want to let go first. I use all of my strength to fuck you hard and finally you release over your stomach and my hand. I follow closely after inside of you. I drop on top of you and I can feel your rapidly beating heartbeat. We stay in that position until our breaths have evened out. “Oh-chan, you bastard.” I roll off of him and grab some tissues to clean us off. “What?” I say giggling. “Who knew you were such a DoS.” You say in an exasperated voice. “It’s all your fault Nino, you make me like this.” I say.

                I was snapped back to reality when I heard the door open. “Oh-chan, I’m done. It’s your turn.” You say. I can feel the bulge in my pants and I look at you mischievously.  “Okay, hang on. Wait here.” I say. Before you could protest, I was already out the door. I quickly found my manager and told him I couldn’t do the interview since I wasn’t feeling very well and that I would do the interview tomorrow. He groaned but agreed and told me to go home and rest. I nodded happily, but that was the last thing on my mind. I quickly walk back to the green room. You’re packing up your stuff and I’m glad I was fast, or you might’ve left. I grab my bag and just as you finished, I grabbed your arm and started tugging you. “Where are you pulling me to, Oh-chan?” You say innocently. “Sorry, Nino. But I can’t wait anymore. I don’t care if you think I’m the biggest jerk. But I need you right now.” I say. I pushed you into my car and I started driving to my apartment like I was crazy; my erection was getting increasingly painful each second. I reach my apartment in a mere 10 minutes when normally it would take 25. “Man, that was scary! You could’ve killed us!” you said. I got out of the car and grabbed you. I quickly unlocked the door and as soon as I got in, I kissed you. You protested at first but then you responded. I pull you to my bedroom. I was ecstatic that my fantasies were finally about to come true.

‘Ninomiya Kazunari, you are my obsession.’

* I tried my best to write it as descriptive as I could. I'm not the best at writing smut, but maybe I'll get better with practice(?). Haha, hope you enjoyed!
*Leave me a comment telling me what you think! ^^

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that was pretty good! keep writing!
thank you for sharing :D

Thank you! ^^
I'm glad you liked it!<3

It was hot. Ohchan is a perv lol. Thanks :)

Yayayay. I'm glad you think so! :D
Thanks for reading. <3

I don't know about others, bu I find a slightly DoS Ohno incredibly hot since it's kind of hard to come by and so different from his usual dazed character. *______* I suppose I should just read the middle part again to see what happens. ;P

Thank you for sharing!

Omg, me too.
I was picturing this in my head when I was writing it and I really loved Ohno in this. xD
Hehe, thanks for reading! <3

so hooooottt...
i like Ohno-san become DoS..
i think now i'm still imagine that DoS part..

thanks for your sharing..
keep writing..

Hehe, me too. <3
Thanks for reading. ^^

Wow, it's the first you write something like this, this is what I though when I was 'Smut' and 'NC-17' XD
I read this this morning, I was just awake but I wanted to read Ohmiya sooo much XD So I switch on my phone and I -Ok I stop talking about my life...-

Oh dear, how much I loved this !! (Only 17 and already like this... if my mom knew that.) ♥
Ohchan Do-S is the best thing in the Earth, right ? Fanfics writers tend to put Nino Do-S but Ohchan Do-S is really the best.
“SUCK ME OFF. YOU’RE KILLING ME HERE.” Haha, poor thing ! XD Neener, Ohchan beat you this time.
But Nino will take his revenge next time XD :diabolical laughter:
Ohchan was like a crazy at the end. Lol.

Edited at 2012-04-18 08:06 pm (UTC)

Hehe, it is.
I felt like writing something new. xD
Ahh, so this is the first thing you read after you woke up? :D

I know, our parents would be shocked about this! xD

He is just too sexy, ne? <3

Yeah, I wanted to make Oh-chan a little possesive and whatnot. It seemed to make Oh-chan so sexy. *0*

I'm glad you liked it. <3

And you succeeded ! It was so well writing !
Yes, the first thing xD
And it wake me up completly ! 8D

Oh, so shocked ! I just don't want to imagine her reeaction.
So, we'll keep that secret ;)

So, so, so, so, so, so(x86) SEXY ! Just. Perfect. Ohchan. I want him for myself. Okay, I don't say anything. T_T *run before Nino caught me*
And I can imagine him do it that in real life.
We know how much he is addictive to Nino-chan xD (is he ?)

Edited at 2012-04-19 05:45 pm (UTC)

Thank you thank you!! :DDD
Makes me happy. <3

Okie doke. (;

Me too. o:
And yes, he definitely is!
So many video clips about Oh-chan talking about Nino. :D

Huh? o:
What's that mean? ^^

Thanks for reading. <3

I've seen it on fb before, but never taken interest in it so I never really looked into it.

Thanks for liking the fic! Hehe, now I know what it means. ^^

Oh-chan is a little pervert ;)
It's was really nice to read it ^^
I enjoyed it!
Thanks for writing and sharing ~

Oh yah. (;
Thank you so much. <3

WoW becareful Ohchan or u really onna loose your mind with your obsession... hihihi

Oh-chan is crazy for Nino! ^0^

Thanks for reading.~

i love when Oh-chan takes the lead,since it's usually the other way round^____________^
thanks for this,Oh-chan fantasies are hot!!

It's hot! :DD

Thanks for reading. <3

this is hot *___*
thank you so much for writing.
really love when ohno is making the first move LOL XDD

I do too. xD
He's such a sneaky person underneath that exterior he exudes. (;

Thanks for reading. <3

HOT story! I really do love a take charge type leader.....so sexy. ; )

Loved it! I love it when Ohchan gets what he wants. Hehehehe. ; )

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